to ya motha

9 March
I kill people.
45 grave, 76% uncertain, [sub][hum][ans], a clock work orange, a global threat, a.b.h., a//political, abrasive wheels, acid, actives, adicts, amebix, androstine, angelic upstarts, anti nowhere league, anti-cimex, antidote, asta kask, attak, battalion of saints, being an asshole, black uniforms, blanks 77, blatz, bleached jeans, blitz, blitzkrieg, bonecrusher, boots and braces, boston, boston punk, broken bones, bsp, budweiser, cambridge, casualties, chaos uk, chaotic dischord, chemical war, chicks, chron gen, civil disobediance, clit 45, cockney rejects, combat 84, condemned 84, confuse, court martial, crack, crap, cro mags, crush kill destroy, crux, dead bodies, dead boys, dead nation, dead pedestrians, defects, defiance, discharge, disorder, dorchester, driller killer, drinkin, europe, external menace, fleas and lice, friday the 13th, funeral dress, gauze, gbh, glue, grandmaster flash, gwar, harvard square, heavy metal, jagermeister, johnny thunders, kaaos, knives, kraut, leftover crack, les stitches, mayhem, midnight creeps, mob 47, mung punx, murder city devils, necros, new york rel-x, oi, oi scouts, oipolloi, old dirty bastard, one way system, partisans, pcp, pinkerton thugs, pogo sticks, poop sluts, porn, public nuisance, punk, pussy, quincy punx, red alert, resistance 77, riistetyt, riot squad, robocop, romper stomper, rudimentary peni, runnin riot, seagrams, sean howland, self destruct, shows, skeptix, skrewdriver, slaughter and the dogs, slayer, slick rick, smoking, special duties, stiff little fingers, street punk, tatoo's, texas chainsaw massacre, the contrary, the cramps, the exploited, the germs, the misfits, the notorious big, the riffs, the threats, the varukers, tits, tony danza, total chaos, toxic narcotic, uzi suicide, velvet underground, vice squad, violators, vodka, wall of death, who's the boss, wu tang clan, x ray spex